Heritage Centers

Preserving Fragile Written Treasures

Fragile Qatari, Arab, and Islamic historical records, including books, maps, manuscripts and newspapers, that detail hundreds of years of heritage are being safeguarded through the use of the most modern technology at Qatar National Library

The Gentle Giants of Qatar

Dugongs are large herbivorous marine mammals, weighing more than 400kg, which consume sea grasses and inhabit the waters of at least 37 countries around the world. The species can live for up to 70 years. Qatar is home to the second-largest population of dugongs in the world, behind only Australia.

Arabic Debating Championship Begins on 26 April

There will be 67 teams representing 33 Arab and non-Arab countries including teams from non-Arab speaking universities from Australia, India, Pakistan, Brunei, Malaysia, France, the United States, Poland, China, Republic of Korea, Kazakhstan, and Germany.