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Food, Food, Everywhere – But Not Enough To Eat

Actually, there is plenty to provide for all until 2050 at least. The problem – one that causes the deaths of 7,100 children under five from malnutrition every day – is in its distribution. Lough Erne may end with a solution, but likely only a partial one at best

From The Margins To The Millions

While officially honored and celebrated, the poetic tradition is effectively the preserve of a shrinking elite in the English-speaking world. What lessons can be learned from the Middle East, where verse is so cherished that poets can draw enormous television audiences.

Where’s The Beef?

We produce enough food to provide everyone on the planet with 4,500 calories a day, yet hundreds of millions live in absolute hunger. What will happen when the Global South and East, with their exponentially growing demand for meat, take over deciding who gets to eat what, where and when?


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